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Standing order

Settle your monthly obligations regularly, while not feeling bothered at all. Save time and do not bother with what should be paid when you should pay for it. Easy to create standing order at the branch and online!

What can you pay by standing order?

By standing order service, Societe Generale will carry out for you all payments of bills and obligations at their maturity, without the need for you to go to the bank or post office. By standing order, you can pay:


How can you create standing order?

Standing order is available to all clients who hold current account or savings account with Societe Generale bank. You can create it:

Fast and easy way to create standing order via E-banking

Create standing order online! If you have Qualified Certificate for Electronic Signature, creating a standing order for paying monthly bills, exchange operations, external transfers, transfers between accounts and insurance payments will be much easier at our online branch.

How to create standing order at our online branch in a few steps:
  • Fill out the required fields depending on the type of standing order you want create (payer, recipient, the accounts money is exchanged to/from, data on insurance company and policy, etc.)
  • Check if all the information are filled out correctly, recheck the documents and sign them by using your Certificate for Electronic Signaturepot  


Instruction for creating standing order online

We have prepared for you a short explanation that will thoroughly guide you through simple process of creating standing order via our online branch.

Read the instruction

E-banking, the bank only a click away!

All daily transactions are available at your computer without necessity of leaving your home or dealing with unnecessary paperwork. Not only will you pay bills without fee and exchange money at a more favorable exchange rate 24/7, but we’ll grant you overdraft and cash loan online and simply.


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