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Masterata – instalments without interest

With Masterata credit card you can buy regardless of your current account balance, whether you are in Serbia, abroad or you are making a purchase via the Internet. The possibility of repayment in equal monthly instalments without interest is the main advantage of our Masterata.

Why is it good to use Masterata?

Step into the new world of shopping! Use Masterata and enjoy shopping with a number of benefits:

The first installment is due for payment only after 30 days, and the limit can be up to 6 monthly earnings.

  • Masterata Payment in installments without interest and commission can be used for transactions at ours POS terminals with partners with whom the Bank has concluded a cooperation agreement.

  • For any Online payment with Masterata credit card, Masterata will function according to the 2nd or 3rd repayment model (depending on the amount you pay). Please find the details of these repayment models below, in this section How does Masterata Work.

  • With Masterata you also have the possibility of early repayment of all the instalments.  Whether you are paying for the purchase in instalments without interest at our partners’ points of sale or with a 5% fee in other stores, you can early repay all your instalments via e-banking.

  • If you wish to repay early the revolving part of your Masterata credit card purchase, you don’t have to come to the branch! E-banking and M-banking allow you to repay early all your dues.


How does Masterata work?

Three repayment models

1. Without interest and fee at Masterata partners’ points of sales regardless of the amount

When you use the Masterata credit card at our POS terminals at merchants with whom we have a cooperation agreement, you can pay the entire amount you spend in equal installments, at no additional cost. The number of installments is determined by you and you announce it to the merchant when paying. The number of installments can be from 2 up to 24, depending on the Masterata partner where you made payments.

For the List of Masterata partners and the maximum number of instalments into which you can break down your purchase at their stores, click here.

At our partners’ stores, the total amount spent is entirely free of interest and fees!

[1] If you do not declare the number of installments that you want in order to pay for the purchase, the payment will be executed according to the modality number 2.


2. Interest-free instalments in the country and abroad for payments exceeding 3.000 RSD

If you use the card at POS terminals abroad or in the country at the retailers’ we have not concluded cooperation agreement with, the spent amount exceeding 3.000 RSD can be paid in minimum 3 and maximum 6 equal monthly instalments, in accordance with a defined scale given below. According to this model, one-time fee is charged in the amount of 5% of the amount spent, which will also be broken down into instalments.[2]

Number of instalments against the amount

  • In 3 monthly instalments for amounts from 3.000 RSD to 9,999.99 RSD
  • In 4 monthly instalments for amounts from 10.000 RSD to 14,999.99 RSD
  • In 5 monthly instalments for amounts from 15.000 RSD to 19,999.99 RSD
  • In 6 monthly instalments for amounts exceeding 20.000 RSD


3. For amounts less than 3.000 RSD and cash withdrawals - repayment under revolving model

If you use the card for an amount less than 3.000 RSD, as well as for cash withdrawals at all ATMs in the country and abroad, the instalments will come due with 5% of monthly repayment of the outstanding amount with accrued interest.

Representative example of Masterata card revolving repayment
Card limit100.000 RSD
Monthly percentage of repayment5% of the debt
Minimum amount of instalment1.000 RSD
NIR annually27%
EIR annually 31,45%
The total amount paid by the client during the repayment period172.784 RSD
EIR calculated on 26.12.2018.
Fees for approval and use of Masterata credit card


  1. Monthly maintenance of the card with salary transfer: 250 RSD
  2. Credit Bureau report: 246 RSD
  3. Bill of exchange: 50 RSD
  4. Payments made for goods and services abroad: 5% for repayment in equal instalments
  5. Interest on revolving repayment: 2,25% a month
  6. Cash withdrawal in the country and abroad: 3% of the amount of the transaction (min. 300 RSD)
  7. Balance inquiry at our ATMs in Serbia is free
  8. If you do not have enough funds in the account to repay the instalment, it will automatically switch to revolving repayment (instalment due date is the 10th of each month).

Payments by Masterata in instalments without interest and fee at all Tempo and Maxi stores

At all stores of Tempo, Maxi, Tempo Express, Mini Maxi and Shop & Go, Maxi Online, you can use a credit card to pay in 2 or 3 equal monthly instalments, without interest and additional costs.  The first instalment is due 30 days from the transaction date, and each of the following instalments will come due 30 days after the previous one.

Repayment models at Tempo and Maxi stores
  • For payments in 2 or 3 instalments without interest and fee on transactions, regardless of the amount of costs for purchased goods – the card owner must note at cash register that he/she wants to break the amount down into 2 or 3 instalments. In the period from 23:45 pm to 00:45 am it is not possible to conduct the transaction in instalments.
  • If the buyer of goods who is the user of Masterata card, does not opt for the number of instalments at POS terminal, or if he/she does not want to pay in 2 or 3 instalments, payments shall be conducted under previously valid model. In this case, the purchase amount will automatically be broken down into a certain number of instalments, up to 6, depending on the amount, plus the fee.


If you do not have Mastarata credit card yet, fill out the form and we will provide you with all necessary information on how to obtain it.

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