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Avantage – premium offer

If you constantly want more and achieve more in your life, if you have long-term plans and set your goals high, you are special to us. In an effort to continue to deliver the best solutions and provide you with financial advice, we have created a set of banking facilities - Avantage.

The world that belongs to you

Professional and personalized services and offers under preferential conditions are now available to you. Whether it comes to daily banking, buying your first or second estate, children’s education, investments, savings and greater security in the future, Avantage has solutions.

1. Daily banking. Experience with the bank you’ve always wanted.

A branch manager, your personal banker with decades of experience, provides Avantage clients with assistance in daily banking transactions, advice on loans, savings and other banking services. Personalized, discreet and professional service is part of Avantage offer.

Package of services and benefits

With Prestige package use the advantages offered by Avantage

Using VISA Gold card is half cheaper and includes many discounts for the purchase of world famous brands.


A place where your card is worth more! Details on additional benefits our cards can bring to you.

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Online branch

Our unique online branch lets you complete the process of taking cash loan, renew your overdraft or open a savings account and deposit your funds without coming to the bank. Consultations via video interview with the banker are possible outside business hours of branches, on weekdays from 8 am to 10 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 7 pm.

Loans under preferential conditions

When you need additional funds, Avantage offer provides you with special terms for cash loans and refinancing loans with prior approval.

 2. Plan as early as today for tomorrow.

Whether you are buying a property, planning children’s education or opting for savings, insurance or pension fund, we provide you with solution and security.

Mixed savings and life insurance represents an ideal combination of long-term savings and life insurance. With regular monthly investment you will provide yourself with a significant amount of money which you can freely dispose with later in life. Our unique combined housing loan allows you to change the type of interest rate every three years, and within Avantage offer you get more favourable terms and priority in processing of application. With life insurance that you can take along with housing loan, you will ensure a carefree future to yourself and your family members.

 3. Your money can do more for you.

Investment advisory service is at your disposal within Private banking. This service provides you with access not only to domestic investment solutions, but also to investing in foreign markets.

It provides you with recommendations based on your preferences, investment objectives and market expectations.

More than 100 specialists in equity and bonds support the investment advisory team. Together they analyse and create investment solutions based on market opportunities and careful monitoring of the entire investment life cycle.

If you are thinking about alternative forms of investment, take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our group, plan your future and create an investment plan in time.

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Online branch

A team of professional online bankers is at your disposal every day from 8 am to 10 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm.

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