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Meet our team

From year to year we grow more and more, and our team is made of high quality and inspirational people, who from colleagues become friends, with whom tasks are challenges, and results are rewards.

Human recourcess sector

In the previous year, 2016, 107 new colleagues have joined our Societe Generale team having 1,328 employees. Professional profiles that we mostly employed were experts in the field of small businesses, experts in product development, as well as different profiles in the filed of risk management, including mathematical and statistical educational profiles.

We strive to provide to our employees an experience of “unique bank”, as opposed to work in separate organizational units without mutual cooperation.

Strategic partnership with ICT Hub, business and technology incubator that brings together people who want to develop a successful start-up projects, has also marked our last year. Guided by the idea of innovation, as one of our core values, the cooperation with the Center, has enabled us to exchange experiences and knowledge with the IT community in Serbia, which will certainly lead to new ideas essential for development of our further business.

In addition, the program prepared by the Human Resources Sector to support innovation within our organization, is called Innovation Curriculum, and some of the projects we worked on in the past period are: Hackaton (the first event of such format in the filed of financial sector in the region), Open Innovation Challenge, as well as manyMeet up events.

“The practice in a small business opened up to me the big door of banking. In three years, as I am at the bank, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the processes inside it, and as a specialist in the efficiency department I have the opportunity to work on their improvement. Effort, work and perseverance contributed to building in the business world, and great mentors to learn the principles of work and access. Working in a retail is challenging, but when you feel part of a team and have support, dedication is the only factor that leads you to the goal and solution.”


Proffesional and private banking

We continue to listen to the needs of our employees, in order to establish a balance between professional and private life. Taking care of the need to decrease the daily stress to a minimum, we have continued the practice of business yoga at Societe Generale premises during working hours.

“Working in the SGS has provided me with everyday professional, but also personal improvement and progress. It is a great pleasure to spend a working day with dedicated, versatile and creative colleagues in great teams who invest all their potential in order to achieve better results and make progress. SGS nurtures and encourages the development of individuals, and accepts, supports and realizes the quality ideas of employees.”


The employer’s image

Great attention is paid to students of various profiles and to providing them an opportunity to connect their university knowledge with the real business situations. We are very proud of our practice program Tour de Soge that helps students to gain important experience and knowledge, but also to actively contribute to the work of our company in different banking operations.

We continue with the good practice of developing partnerships with colleges and high schools. So far we have established cooperation with more than 30 educational institutions across the country.

During 2016, SGS volunteers continued to participate in one of our most successful CSR programs – Inclusive academy. This program assists people with disabilities to improve their knowledge and skills in order to become more competitive in the labor market.

Also, for the sixth year in a row, our employees – SGS volunteers used their free time to participate in the action Our Belgrade with the aim of improving working conditions in the specialized child care institutions.

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