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The management

Meet the management team of Societe Generale Bank, a team that with its experience and expertise, strives to provide you with a secure financial future and facilitate your business.

The Bank’s shareholder who has share in Societe Generale Bank Srbija a.d. Beograd is

Societe Generale S.A., Paris 75009, 29, blvd Haussmann, France, is shareholder of 100% share of the Bank capital.

Members of the Bank Management Board

Goran Pitic, President
Dragoljub Damljanovic, Member
Giovanni Luca Soma, Member
Michel Gassie, Member
Marie Le Picard, Member

Members of the Bank Executive Board

Maria Rousseva, President
Vuk Kosovac, Member
Marija Popović, Member
Markus Steuernagel, Member
Miroslav Rebic, Member
Sonja Miladinovski, Member
Vesna Marković, Member

The Management

Jelena Sribar, Human Resources Direction Executive Director
Ivan Lazarevic, Support Functions Division Executive Director
Dejan Vucinic, Retail Direction Executive Director
Ljubiša Egelja, Marketing Direction Executive Director
Ivan Bulajić, Operations Direction Executive Director
Branimir Spasić, Finance Division Executive Director

SG Insurance

Thibaut Fremy, President of Executive Board


Boris Stevic, President of Executive Board

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