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Our values

We are distinguished for teamwork, focus on improving the customer experience with an emphasis on service and modern technological innovation, a relationship based on trust and respect and contribution to responsible and efficient operations.

Values of Societe Generale operations

Team spirit

In the changing world, our clients want a bank that is a responsible, trustworthy and secure partner. As a team, we meet customers’ needs with well-thought-out approach based on our expertise in each business segment. We strive towards business focused on improving relations with customers and to cooperate with them in the way we do with each other: by listening carefully, by working together, collegially, appreciating the contribution of each other and sharing common achievements and difficulties.


We strive to continually improve our customers’ experience through teamwork, adapting our solutions to their needs, but also predicting future requirements of customers, especially in the light of technological innovations. With entrepreneurial spirit, we change the way of working by promoting exchange and a different approach than usual. We learn from our success as much as from our failures.


Our commitment stems from the continuous customer satisfaction and pride for belonging to our profession and Societe Generale Group. Together and everyday, we try to do something different that contributes to the business success of our clients and ourselves. We promote engagement and success that such an approach brings. We foster a relationship based on trust and mutual respect, within the bank itself, but also outside its framework.


As bankers, we contribute to the economic, social and sustainable development of the environment in the markets in which we operate. We strive to help our customers to exploit the full potential of their business projects, taking into account all the potential risks. Our responsibility and ethics require us to respond to customer needs efficiently, while taking into account the long-term interests of all stakeholders, respecting fully the rules of our profession.

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