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EXCHANGE RATE - 24.04.2014.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 113.2794 115.5323 117.7852
CHF CHF 91.8749 94.6676 97.4603
GBP GBP 136.1555 140.2942 144.4329
USD USD 81.1083 83.5737 86.0391
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SOGe-banking service save your time and money!

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SOGe-banking represents the modern model of e-banking. Money transfers in dinars can be performed at any moment, you are in complete control of your accounts, and you can connect your accounting system to the SOGe-banking network. This service includes:
This service includes:
  • Review of account balances
  • Daily turnover for dinar accounts
  • Daily statements on all accounts available in PDF, XML and TXT formats
  • Payments in dinars and transfer of the money to the dinar-based VISA Business account
  • Receive daily statements by e-mail in PDF, XML and TXT formats
  • Database of receivers
  • Hierarchy of signatures
  • Signing the money transfer authorization from another location
Installation and support

The SOGe-banking application is easy to use. It was created completely in the Serbian language and does not require complicated commands and procedures. The application is a part of the technical system of the Societe Generale Srbija and can be accessed as any other page on the internet. Installation is not required because everything that you need is already available through your computer.

Technical demands

SOGe-banking can be used at any computer equipped with a modem, CD-ROM, Windows XP or 2000 operating system, and Internet Explorer, version 5.5 and higher.

For additional information:
 Info phone (011) 30 11 501 every working day from 9am to 5pm.


Dominant solution on Serbian market for national and international payments


Outgoing international payments at preferential rates, detailed data bases and other benefit