EXCHANGE RATE - 29.04.2017.

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EUR EUR 120.7693 123.1711 125.5729
CHF CHF 110.6215 113.9840 117.3465
GBP GBP 141.9854 146.3013 150.6172
USD USD 110.0207 113.3650 116.7093
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HAL E-bank

HAL E-bank is dominant e-banking solution on the Serbian market, offered by more than 20 banks in the region and is intended for domestic payments.

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HAL E-bank

HAL E-Bank's key advantage is that with a SINGLE Smartcard, through only ONE application, you can access ALL of your accounts in ALL the banks that are part of HALCOM e-banking system - ONE FOR ALL!
HAL E-Bank advantages:
  • All received data is saved on your computer
  • One SmartCard for all banks
  • Detailed beneficiary database
  • Signature limits by the amount or daily limit
If you already use this e-banking system in another bank, you just need to fill out the Societe Generale HAL-E Bank application form, sign the HAL-E Bank contract and right after the next synchronization with the server, you will have your Societe Generale accounts available in the application.
HAL E-Bank offers the following services:
  • Dinars account balances
  • Intraday statements for current dinar accounts
  • Daily statements
  • Daily statements
  • Detailed beneficiary database
  • Daily limits and different signature levels
  • Advanced transaction search
  • Transfer of funds to VISA Business dinar account
  • Secured electronic signature stored on a SmartCard
  • Received account information is always available
  • Interface to external accounting software
  • Brza razmena podataka sa bankom
Versions of the application
Depending on the installation type, there are two different HAL E-Bank versions
  • HAL E-Bank personal - Installed on the computer of each user at the client's premises
  • HAL E-Bank corporate -Installed as a server version on the central computer at the client's premises and is directly accessed by all authorized users through a local network
Technical requirements
You need a current account opened at the Societe Generale bank and at least Pentium II 300MHz class computer with any type of Internet connection.

For any additional information please use the following contacts:
 Info phone: (011) 30.11.501 on working days from 9 AM to 5 PM.
Did you know?
Fast and efficient
A fast and efficient domestic clearing system with lower tariffs for electronic payments from 20 to 35 percent.
The unique PIN code and digital certificate on SmardCard card is generated for every authorized user, and the connection to the bank’s server is done towards secured and protected communication servers.


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Application of Societe Generale Bank for national payments
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