EXCHANGE RATE - 25.11.2015.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 118.5925 120.9510 123.3095
CHF CHF 108.3168 111.6093 114.9018
GBP GBP 166.3119 171.3672 176.4225
USD USD 110.0637 113.4093 116.7549
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Pay your bills from your favorite place.

Avoid bank's visit and waiting. Your bills could be lower and paying from home, your office, holiday or from abroad. It's enough to hold an opened current account in Societe Generale bank and to sign the contract on e-banking service usage.

All transactions made through e-banking are free of charge!

Choose e-banking that suits you best

  • E-banking Standard
    This version comes with account packages Classic and Like and with current or savings account. It enables you to see balance of your account, loans, cards, to manage your personal finances, generate monthly statements and settings for SMS notifications.
  • SOGE home-bank Premium
    Thise version is included in packages Practic and Prestige. Enables additional features: m-banking application for Android, iOS and Windows devices, email communication with your personal banker and free Token device upon request for users of Prestige package. Premium version is also available with other packages and account with monthly fee od 100 RSD.  

Easy acces to information

You can easily see account balance, history of card transactions or loan amount that is left to pay. In only several minutes you will have insight in:

  • Available balance and transactions related to your accounts
  • Available balance, transactions and information related to cards
  • Loan amount, list of paid monthly installments, payment plans and notices

Free m-banking application

  • With free application for smartphones and mobile devices you can do your banking even faster
  • Check the account balance and make transactions inquiry
  • See basic information about your cards and loans
  • Make payments with predefined list or with Token device
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • See latest exchange rates
  • Locate the nearest branch office or ATM


M-banking application is part of e-banking Premium. At this moment version for Android. iOS and Windows devices is available, while versions for other operative systems are under way (Symbian & BlackBerry).


M-bankiing Google Play store
M-banking Google Play store
M-bankiing Google Play store
M-banking Apple App store
M-bankiing Google Play store
M-bankiing Windows store

With e-banking credit card early repayment and payment of bills are faster

Bill payments have never been easier! Find the recipient in the predefined list or enter the account number yourself and pay with TOKEN device. TOKEN is authorisation device used for transactions that are made to recipients that are not on the predefined list. With TOKEN you add extra security to transaction payments in SOGE home bank.
You can make request for TOKEN in your branch and read manual here.

Online early repayment of Masterata installments! You can make online early repayment of all your installments regardless if you made a transaction without interest rate in stores of our Masterata partners or in other stores with 5% commission.

Managing money is simple

Exchange euros to dinars, transfer part of your salary to savings and analyse your spending with e-banking application:

  • Transfer of funds between your accounts within the bank
  • Budgeting tool with simple spending graphics for personal finance management
  • Generation of monthly statements
  • Setting of limit for SMS notifications related to transactions

E-banking guarantees safety:

  • Logging using protective virtual keybord
  • SSL 128-bit encription that protects data transfer
  • Daily limit of total transactions is set by you
  • Mandatory password changing after every 80 successful logging

Paying on bills defined in advance

For additional information, please contact our Customer Care Center on (011) 30 11 510 every working day from 9am to 7pm, Saturdays from 10am to 2pm or visit us in the nearest branch office.


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